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Tiling and Waterproofing



Are the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen cracked or damaged? Do they look old and tired? Are you sick of the design and want something more modern and stylish? Complete Bathroom NZ can repair your existing tiles or remove them and replace them with something new. If necessary we can help you choose a design that will suit the style of your home, or we can work with tiles that you have chosen.

What We Do

Our skilled and experienced tilers will remove and dispose of your old tiles, prepare the surface area, and fit the new tiles to the highest possible level of finish. Our kitchen and bathroom tiling service in Auckland includes:

  • Wall tiles
  • Floor tiles
  • Tiles in shower cubicles
  • Splashbacks and more


When water gets into places in your bathroom or kitchen where it shouldn’t be it can cause considerable damage to fixtures and even the structure of your home. Standing water is also unhealthy, and can smell. Give us a call if you are experiencing these problems. It is usually caused when the waterproofing in your kitchen or bathroom has worn away or become damaged. We will remove old sealant and grout and will expertly replace it so that it looks attractive, and keeps all water where it should be.

To get a quote for tiling your kitchen or bathroom, or to find out more about our waterproofing service, you should call us today on 09 410 1110.